What’s “The Secret” to “making it”

I know this is not the music choice of my typical readers but the words in this song are super powerful affirmations. Read the first verse and tell me what you think.


what you see is what you get in these days
I’m so hungry you can throw my dinner right on the stage
You can bite down on my rage, bite down on my anticipation
With no doubt or hesitation, repeat this affirmation
(I WILL MAKE IT) Not I wanna make it
(SHOW ‘EM HOW WE MAKE IT) In fact, we’ve made it
Every time we state and believe it we create it
The power of your very word is highly underrated
Sleepin in the dark in the park watchin others push they cart
Say this whole thing in your heart [KRS] I will make it
[KRS] They can fake it
[HWC] I can create it

Did you catch the part in the middle? I bolded it so it would stick out.
“I WILL MAKE IT”, not I wanna make it.
If you want to make it, then MAKE IT! The only person stopping you is you! I want to see people succeed in their MLM. Often in our business we get distracted, or even worse. There are dream killers out there, lurking in plain sight. they look like your spouse, your parents, your friends and other family. They are the ones that are miserable with their life, and have given up trying.
Guess what?!
They are happy by making you unhappy. misery LOVES company
Now I have a question for you……
Are you willing to join them?
Are you going to go a different path and “MAKE IT”?
Until you hunger so much that you are willing to eat your dinner right off the stage, you will NOT make it. Get the hunger in you and get going. Call me if you need help
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Anton English

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