What the Giants say about Network Marketing

Dr. Stephen Covey (Author of The 7 habit of highly effective Network Marketers:

“I think network marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.”

Donald Trump (Globally renowned property mogul and a multi billionaire) :

“If I were starting over today, I would make millions in the Network Marketing Industry.”

Robert Kiyosaki (Author Rich Dad Poor Dad):

“Network Marketing is the Perfect Business…  The richest people in the world look for and build networks everyone else looks for work. I believe network marketing gives people the opportunity to build up the passive income they need for support while they learn to become professional investors. Even if they have little money, they can still invest ‘sweat equity’ for five years and begin to generate more than enough passive income to begin investing…Many famous franchises cost a million dollars or more to buy.
Network marketing is a like buying a personal franchise, often for less than $300.”


  1. Hi Anton Thanks very much to visit my blog. Your have a great blog.

  2. Keenan at 3:15 pm

    I know this was posted a little while ago, but wanted to say I honestly loved the post! Thanks -Keenan

    • Great article. The bad wrap in network marketing has come from people trying to get others to believe there is not hard work involved. True network marketing requires work and hard work. Anything that is going to take you to a level of success that you currently do not have will require dedication, hard work, and the biggest shift will have to occur in mindset.


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