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I love looking through the pins and seeing inspirational thoughts, humorous posts, and getting such useful information. I find that I spend a large amount of my time on Pinterest.
The focus of this blog is to help people with a stay at home business to make some extra money. I know in our home when the economy started falling apart we really had to bear down and sort things out a lot more strictly. This has been the same feeling across the world for many people. That’s one of the reasons why its so great to connect on Pinterest and see so many thrifty ideas from pinners.
I would love to connect with you further, and see all your great ideas, and share stories together. Take a minute and follow me on Pinterest. Also please feel free to follow this blog. If you are looking for more interaction then contact me directly, I can personally show you what I do, and how it allowed me to retire my wife and pay for extra toys for our family to enjoy.  It is such a great feeling to share what we have with each other. I look forward to connecting with you too!

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Anton English

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