Understanding Facebook

Understanding Facebook is important if you want to market yourself or your business successfully. Have a look at this info-graphic which explains the demographics, and why people will “like” your page, or remove you. There is a ton of information here for the savvy internet marketer

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Anton English

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6 comments on “Understanding Facebook
  1. Is there an average of how many times per week individuals want to receive coupons and discounts? Would you recommend daily posts or weekly? Thank you. Informative article.

    • First of all Very good question!

      The answer is not so simple. It will depend a lot on who is actually following you on facebook. I personally follow a few people’s pages and I get annoyed quickly when there is constant updates. Typically you will want to shoot for 2 – 3 updates to your FB page daily. Those should not all be coupons or discounts. I would suggest one coupon every other day, possibly stretched out to be 2 per week.

      You can always ask your followers as well. It increases interaction (which is good for getting bumped up to more news feeds), but also you figure out which direction your page should go.

      I have a few more posts on Facebook coming next week. So keep an eye out for those. You should find it useful

  2. Thank you. I will come back to read more.

  3. Great informative article Anton. We have a similar article on our site about LinkedIn. If you do not mind, can we post the link for on this message board? As it relates to social media marketing.

    SquareBall Marketing Team

    • I would love to be able to feature your article in a new post if you like. I would include a link back to your article on your page right at the top. If that sounds good to you just let me know and Ill throw it in the queue

  4. Great. The following is the URL to our LinkedIn article. http://squareballmkt.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/can-linkedin-help-your-business/

    Or you can go to our page an fresh press the blog. Thanks Anton. We have and will continue to do the same with you. You always have great information.

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