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Twitter is ranking right up there with facebook these days when it comes to social media power. Maybe its time to put down the tools that you have been using on Facebook, and start getting out there in a different area. With over 500 million users it is perfect for prospecting new clients. It’s ideal for researching potential clients and finding out more about their interests and activities and completely free to use. You can also use it to listen to general chatter from your industry or to hone in on specific conversations and topics.

Connecting with potential clients

To start with you need to search for prospects. There are several ways to do this:

#Hashtags. One of the easiest ways to search on twitter is by using hashtags (# followed by a keyword). Some people may be looking explicitly for the service you offer which gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out and offer them some help and advice. Others may be part of a company or organization you wish to do business with.

Contact your offline prospects. Look up your offline prospects and connect on Twitter in order to be able to interact with them on a new level.

Be a resource. Help people, follow them, start conversations and in return they are likely to interact with you.

Tweet-ups. This typically involves several local Twitter users meeting up in person to get to know each other better and can be a fantastic way to network and create new social and business connections.

Interact. Re-tweet posts and reply to anything interesting they post and find ways to start a conversation with potential prospects.

Search yourself. Find out what people are saying about you and your services. This is a great way to discover complaints and praise which you can then react to and use to your advantage. If the complaint is about something you didn’t know about you can try to rebuild the relationship and give an example of the excellent customer service you offer your clients. Not only will this help repair existing relationship but it also demonstrates to prospects a positive view of you and your company. You can use praise to expand your clientele by tapping in on that customers connections and adding them as prospects.

Be the answer. Find out about the specific needs and issues of interest to potential clients and use the information to target those that are most likely to respond to your product or service.

Give. Share information about promotional discounts and special offer in order to draw in prospects. Let them be the first to know about new products and services.

Twitter offers the chance to see what your prospects are up to. This allows you to learn more about them, their projects and their needs.

On Twitter the more active you are, the more visible you become.


Anton English has spent over a decade building wealth through traditional and non traditional channels. He started his JOB (journey of the broke) working as a power engineer but quickly learned there were better options in the home based business market. He joined and participated in building several network marketing companies, as well as building a successful Ebay business grossing over $35,000 in only 90 days! Using his strategic coaching techniques he helps others seeking success in MLM to achieve their dreams.

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  1. Cassen Blank at 2:36 am

    nice post, thanks for sharing. This makes a lot more sense now that you explain it that way


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