Today I have a quick video to share with you. This is Me reading from Think and Grow Rich. If you do not have a copy all ready you can always get it for FREE from this blog. It is in the password protected Members Area. To get your password you simply have to follow this blog. You will get access immediately.

I wanted to read a section called The Impossible V8 Motor. Its not very long, but has a very powerful message. I wont give away exactly what it is. The people that are ready for it will pick up on it quickly. The people who are not ready for it will be distracted by the nice story and completely miss the underlying message. Either way you will be entertained, or grow, so really we all win!


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Anton English

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  1. Carla at 6:24 am

    this was a lovely article to read. I appreciate the video too, its nice to see you doing some video blogging


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