What is Vemma Bode exactly? Vemma Bode is a weight loss package/plan that includes healthy weight loss solutions, a 12 week transformation guide, and coaching tools. The name is technically spelled Vemma Bod•ē. This weight loss system claims to provide the average person a safer easier way to lose weight without starving…

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Many of you may think you know the story of Rocky. And you really may know Rocky’s story. It is fascinating to hear what Sylvester Stallone went through in creating that movie, and how he fought to make it in the industry he chose. He was more broke than most…

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I came across a great post by Leadership Freak today. I think it applies well to the principles I am showing on this blog as well. Its important that we look to the past only to empower us. Its so easy to get stuck there, and then it starts to…

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Vemma future looks Shaky – Where do you turn?