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Vemma CEO BK Boreyko’s Unbelievable Response to Pyramid accusations

BK Boreyko CEO of Vemma

As with any type of success, the haters come out of the woodwork to try and discredit the massive growth. BK Boreyko the CEO of Vemma is not the type of guy that will sit around and  let the fiery

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Vemma’s New Compensation Plan Explained

Amazon and Vemma are practically the same

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon before? Amazon is a legitimate affiliate marketing business that is helping people everyday start their own virtual online store, drive traffic to that store, and profit off the referrals. Recently Vemma has modified their compensation

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Looking to Partner with Serious Marketers!

Looking for a Killer Marketing Partner

Its pretty simple. If you think you a serious marketer then why not partner with me?! What I offer is a rock solid business plan and Proven products that are in high demand. Click the LIKE button to see if

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Is Herbalife Good or Bad

herbalife logo

Herbalife has really made a name for itself as a company. They have built an international multi-level marketing business and the product is distributed by independent people. To date there are millions of distributors in over 76 different countries. The

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Vemma Set to Release all new ParTea Verve drink

verve partea by Vemma

Vemma is at it again with their brand new MANGO FLAVORED ICED TEA, ParTea!  Be one of the first to Party with ParTea by creating your unique customer account HERE. it is totally free to register (just like Amazon). Simply

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Charles Ponzi Gave You a Reason to Accept your Excuses!

charles ponzi scheme

Yes… the title is correct. Carlo Ponzi otherwise know as Charles Ponzi, the infamous creator of the Ponzi Scheme not only made history by swindling money from unsuspecting investors -he also created the greatest excuse known to man. Many people

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SEO: The Easy Way

SEO the easy way

I came across this amazing breakdown of some SEO strategies that anyone should be able to carry out. This was posted by FreeSocialOnline. When someone creates a new website and starts to work on their Search Engine Optimization it’s easy

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Make $10,000 per day from Home! NOT

make 10000 per day working from home not

Anyone who is pushing a network marketing business on someone else with promises of being rich overnight needs to check their head out. Like any business it takes time to build up. Unlike most “traditional” businesses though a network marketing

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Gen Y Compatible Post

Gen Y

Let me start of by saying that this post is Gen Y Optimized. You will see why in a second I was reading through a rent from a gen Y’er. And he had a pretty good list of things that

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Did you say Network Marketing?

Did you say Network Marketing?

For some people this is a new and fresh term. For a lot of people, all they know about this industry is generally what they heard from the friend or family member who introduced them. If you are just getting

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