Facebook Promote Post vs. Email Marketing

The recent addition of the Facebook promote post feature has caused concern with many of our Facebook business page clients. They believe it is unfair that Facebook is charging them to reach their own fan base that they have already worked hard or even paid to acquire. This isn’t our biggest concern…

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what do you want from me

Here we are in the starting of a new month. I have a ton of great new content to share with you. But is it really important for me to tell you what I feel like sharing? Or is it better for me to ask you what kinds of things…

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Partner with Anton English to get moving your future forward

Are You sick and tired of partnering up with smooth talking “gurus” only to get nothing after you sign on the dotted line? When you partner with Anton in one of my primary business opportunities you’ll get your own personal mentor. I may not be the richest or highest ranked…

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A visual Representation of why Index Funds are a good investment for early investors, and people just getting their feet wet in the market. This is the way Warren Buffett suggests people start out They’re boring and passive. They are run on autopilot by hands off managers. Instead of making…

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Six harsh truths Nobody wants to hear but will make you a better person