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Tips to help you Succeed this year

by EDNet Top 10 Marketing & Sales Tips to Help You Succeed in 2012 A new year, a new set of goals and aspirations! Whether your business works on a calendar or school year planning cycle, starting off 2012 with

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8 Power tips to Build Your Reputation

8 power tips

by Leadership Freak Your reputation is built on being noticed for the right things in the right way by the right people. Reputation is about credibility, trust, and influence. Good reputations create opportunities. Danger:

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Yo Adrian! – whats your story

Many of you may think you know the story of Rocky. And you really may know Rocky’s story. It is fascinating to hear what Sylvester Stallone went through in creating that movie, and how he fought to make it in

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10 Resolutions for your Business

Hello Readers, I came across this great post from another WordPress blogger. It has some really good information on some New Years Resolutions for your Small Business. Have a look.

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5 ways to Find Your Future

I came across a great post by Leadership Freak today. I think it applies well to the principles I am showing on this blog as well. Its important that we look to the past only to empower us. Its so

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Vemma CEO BK Boreyko’s Unbelievable Response to Pyramid accusations