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The Four Major Fears of Starting Your Own Business

4 major fears of starting your own business are overcome with network marketing

I recently came across this article from Len Clements. He does a fabulous job of explaining what keeps people from looking at starting their own business, and how Network Marketing overcomes those fears. There is a LOT of good bits

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Viral App Based Home Business

Viral Social Media App Vemma was First before rippln

So you may have heard a lot about an up and coming business opportunity that has a “Viral App” that is “Social Based” and could even be “the Next Facebook”? Rippln is set to be the biggest fail of this

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Is Rippln too good to be True?

are you rippln

Have you been bombarded with invites to this crazy new Network Marketing Opportunity called Rippln? You may wonder what this marketing craze is all about. For something that is supposed to be so exclusive, it seems pretty “out in the

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On the Fence about facebooking your Business?

Are you still on the fence about the value of a Facebook presence for your businesses? Let me save you the hassles. Chances are your going to waste your time. Here is why… Most companies have not yet begun to

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HostGator 25% Coupon Code

About a year ago I was looking for a website host provider for my wordpress install. I looked at iPages, Bluehost, and HostGator. These seemed to be the most common ones out there that came recommended from other sites. I

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Facebooks Sleazy “like” Business Unmasked!

Have you been noticing a steady decline in the number of likes on your fan pages? If so you are not alone. Facebook says it is removing fraudulently generated “likes,” which helped make some businesses on Facebook appear more popular

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Search Engine Magnets

You built a fantastic blog. You went on Facebook and begged your friends and family to come check it out. You got a couple of people to actually take a look. Now you are waiting for the mass influx of

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FACEBOOK Promote Post: What you Need to Know

Facebook Promote Post vs. Email Marketing

The recent addition of the Facebook promote post feature has caused concern with many of our Facebook business page clients. They believe it is unfair that Facebook is charging them to reach their own fan base that they have already worked hard

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My Social Media is BROKEN

So, there you are. Staring at your brand new facebook fan page. Any minute now you expect a flood of new likes to come crashing through your screen. Time passes and the likes never come! What is wrong with this

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Find out the FTC’s newest target – freezes Assets, Sites Blocked, Business halted!