Someone Keeps Taking My Pens

by Forza Promo

In the twelve years that I have been calling on businesses and medical practices, I hear one very common issue almost everyday. “People keep taking my pens”. Now if it is a Monte Blanc that someone very near and dear gave to you, I can understand you being upset about this. I would also have to wonder, what in the world are you doing loaning someone your Monte Blanc pen in the first place?

If the fact that you keep losing your pens or they keep walking away is an issue, consider ordering pens with your logo on them. This can work in two ways: 1) you can easily identify the pen and the perpetrator as well, and exact the level of retribution you feel appropriate to bring them to justice or 2) you can let them keep the pen knowing that every time they use it in a public setting, they are advertising for you. I tend to think the second one is the best option. If you want the best of both options you could always imprint the words “Stolen From” above your logo. The user will likely get a good laugh at it, and it is sure to create a topic of conversation with those around the user of said pen.

Pens are one of those promotional products that no one ever gets tired of having around. And when you find a really good one, people start hoarding them. They can’t get enough. I once had a customer ask me if they could have a case of one particular pen that I used to hand out. I had another customer that required me to bring him a new pen every time I came to see him, preferably two (one to keep, one to use). And they don’t break the bank either. You can purchase pens with your logo on them for way less than a dollar and typically in quantities as low as 300.

Are you guarding your pens, or gladly letting other spread the word about your business?


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