SEO: The Easy Way

SEO the easy way

SEO the easy wayI came across this amazing breakdown of some SEO strategies that anyone should be able to carry out. This was posted by FreeSocialOnline.

When someone creates a new website and starts to work on their Search Engine Optimization it’s easy to get a bit obsessive about every little thing. When I see clients in my Social Media consultancy in Las Vegas I suggest that they keep a diary of anything new they try alongside various SEO metrics and Social Media activities. It helpful to see which actions produce which reactions in the online world. You can also track how and when you gain new followers, but it’s important to remember that followers do not equal sales.

The major search engines’ ranking algorithms currently factor in link shares from other websites and the relative authority of the sharers. So a link from a high ranking site for your keywords is worth more than a low ranking site. Facebook “likes” are also useful because if one of your fans “likes” or comments on your post, their friends may see it in their news feed, too, and that gains you more exposure, similar to “retweets” with Twitter. But really, all this is just nice to have a social proof to your prospective customers, you really want to focus on ensuring that your website comes up in a search for your chosen keywords. Facebook and Twitter followers will come with more hits to your site and more people buying from you, anyway.

The “SEO Experts” that you can hire to enhance your SEO for you often quote a goal to have your website in the top thirty results on Google for your keywords, or search phrases. I don’t think being number 29 is much help. Think about how many times you have gone beyond page one or page two of a Google search. Aim for page one to get the optimal exposure for your website.

You can put a visitors counter on your site, and track this metric, too, and it’s useful to know who is visiting your site. But if you had a store and got eighty people an hour visiting, and nobody buying, those visitors don’t mean a thing. You need to focus on your conversion rate – from a visitor to a sale.

This all boils down to having clear and realizable goals for your online marketing. You have to understand the tools available to you, and know why you are using each one, and what you are using it for. Spend time working out an online marketing and social media strategy and make sure you focus on what’s important to your business.


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  1. Thanks for this blog. It is very educational and you explained best how a Facebook “Like” can increase your exposure, along with people retweeting your tweets. Great blog. Take care.


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