S.T.A.R. is what you are!

Today I wanted to just share a quick quote, and my thoughts about it.

The ONLY way to feel good about ourselves is through action. No one got happy sitting about, wishing things were better.

Even if it’s a little step each day, it’s action that counts. It stores credits in your self-esteem account, and you start to feel energized and positive about you

We have people around us every day feeding us with negativity.

  • “that is stupid”
  • “why did you think that would work”
  • “You should just listen to me”
  • “You cant be serious”

It seems some of the people around you have got the whole “bring you down” thing covered. Why not let the voices in your own head bring you up?

I was recently at a Tony Robbins Event and there was a small exercise that we did. I think it has a lot of value. I want you to stand up right now. Don’t pretend you are standing up, actually STAND UP!

I want you to hold your hand out in front of you. Look at that hand. Wiggle your fingers around.

Who is in control of that hand?

You are! You are in total control of yourself.


Now, I want you to make your hand into a fist.

is it in a fist??


Now stick the index finger out. Point at something in front of you.

Now slowly turn your finger around until it is pointing at you.

Did you point at yourself? If not do that now!

Now, out loud I want you to say these words….. Do NOT think the words. Actually SAY these words out loud!!!




















Say it again. this time louder!





This time, while still pointing at yourself scream it



So now that we got that settled. Whenever you walk in front of a mirror I want you to look at yourself and remind yourself that YOU ROCK!. Do not EVER let the voice in your head say otherwise. Remember those other people around you? Some of you may call them friends, some may even be family, they have plenty of negative things to say about everyone, and probably even you. Make sure YOU have nice things to say about YOU always.

Build up the credits in yourself to make you feel good. You can do it. you know you can do it.

Now go get what you want!

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