Plexus Slim Kicked out of Canada

plexus closes its doors in canada

plexus closes its doors in canadaEvery year there are hundreds of new Network Marketing opportunities that pop up. Since the success rate of them are pretty low overall, it stands to reason that there are also hundreds of Network Marketing opportunities that close their doors every year as well.

It seems that Plexus Slim, Also known as “the pink drink” is one of the newest opportunities to fail. They have been operating in Canada as well as other countries illegally. They recently issued statements to team members in Canada telling them that they can only buy the product to use as “samples” and that they are not for resale. In some cases Brand Partners have even had their account shut down and locked out. Their Paycheck, their downline, their Reputation is all G-O-N-E

Canadian Plexus President says β€œdon’t screw things up for yourself” and threatens Canadians. Many of them now take place in conspiracy to cover up the truth!

Like this article to see the letter sent to distributors in Canada trying to get them to keep this whole thing quiet.

This is not good news for the Brand Partners out there who have worked tirelessly to build their downline.

All is not lost though!

If you have access to your teams contact information still this is a great time for you to move to another opportunity. You can build your team quickly by bringing those people you already have a relationship with. Our top notch compensation plan and solid products build trust in the brand you are cheering for.

PLUS We are not going anywhere!

We have gone through all the hoops and signed all the paperwork to be totally legal in Canada, U.S.A, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and more (50+ countries).

This company is taking off. We have been slowly building up momentum over the last 10 years. Now sales are doubling all the time and revenues are climbing faster and faster. This massive growth leads to exploding teams and huge success for everyone involved!

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  1. Anton, I just sent you a copy of the letter that was sent to me by the Canadian President of Plexus Slim. Please include it in your article.

    • Thanks Carrie.

      It sounds pretty Bleak for anyone that is currently promoting the company. If I was in other countries not currently affected I would wonder how long my hard work is going to keep paying me. After all, what else are they being dishonest about??

  2. Joanne at 8:42 pm

    Anton, when was this posted, I don’t see dates with the posts.



    • Anton English at 8:10 am

      Hi Joanne,

      This was posted last year. If you know if there is more recent news about Plexus can you please forward it to me and I can update this article?

      Last I heard they were selling back into canada again, but under a loophole and did not have the proper licensing for someone to legally distribute the products

  3. Joanne at 8:18 am

    No I don’t know anything more, I stopped using the products when it took so long to ship to Canada. We seem to have this issue with a few products. I had preordered Bode Pro back in December but unfortunately the cost to import to Canada was prohibitive for Vemma so I received a credit :(.

    • Anton English at 12:31 pm

      Thats too bad. I know Vemma doesnt get all their US products into Canada for similar reasons. Fortunately they do a better job of due diligence to make sure they follow the rules

  4. Joanne at 9:13 am

    There are updates with Plexus in Canada, as of April 1st 2015 Ambassadors will be able to openly promote in Canada and there will be a Canadian Tour in June of this year. Also a Canadian warehouse is in the plans for Fall.
    Hmmm, might be worth another look πŸ™‚


    • Anton English at 3:45 pm

      Thanks for the update Joanne, Ill take a look into this and write a new article

  5. Lesa at 9:27 pm

    Hi, so I just became an ambassador and started using the products, so are you telling me I have made the worst decision ever? You have Isagenixs and Redbox and this was the only thing that used Stevia and the rest I couldn’t use. I’ve seen this work for diabetics that I know, so why is it working if it’s so bad? I truly want to know, I’m confused not angry. Lesa

    • Anton English at 1:47 pm

      Hi Lesa,

      You are able to buy the products and use them for your own personal use. There is nothing wrong with that. What you cant do is promote this as a business where someone can share it with their friends and family to make an income.

      If you like the products for you then keep going. Just be careful that you are not buying them to re-sell or distribute as they are not approved by the canada FDA.

      • Thanks I’m not in it for the money, I just want to get my blood sugars down and get to sleep again. I’ve been a Diabetic for 11 years now and I need this to work for me. I try to eat healthy and exercise, but I’m still tired and I have been doing the cleanse and it was ruff but I am feeling better. So that’s why I was a little defensive. So Thanks again for responding. Lesa

        • Anton English at 9:24 am

          No Worries,

          A lot of products are brought into canada without going through the proper channels to be legally marketed in the country. that doesnt mean they dont work, it just means that no one has paid for the process to be done.

          I personally had asthmatic episodes after using the products. I couldnt figure out why exactly, but I would have trouble breathing within minutes of having them. Yet no warning about possible triggers in there. To this day I still dont know why I had the problems. If it works for you then thats all that matters


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