How to NINJA your way into your target market

A Ninja is one of the most stealthy assassins out there. they get in and back out without anyone knowing they were there. Think about it for a minute!  Now think about how your spouse can “ninja” their way into your head by somehow knowing what your thinking… Have You ever felt that way? I sure have…and it’s a little scary if you ask me…It’s like they already know what your thinking…

IMAGINE….If you could master this skill and apply it to your “targeted” prospect sitting halfway across the world in front of their computer…Now that’s SCARY!!! We would all be WEALTHY and living the life right?

So with all that being said…

Think back when you were brand new to the industry and you were most-likely searching the internet, trying to find a solution to your current problems in life. For me, it was about having more time to spend with my family. My current job was taking way too much of my time, so I knew it was time to find something better, and I did!

What is it for you? Really think about it…This will help you in the long run and give you a perfect testimonial to share with other network marketers and new prospects! Understanding what your target market is thinking when having tons of MLM, network marketing and internet marketing opportunities thrown at them is crucial so you and your business will STAND OUT and actually grab their attention. There are endless ways to make money in our industry and tons of companies to choose from, so how do you compete? I use these strategies to help me connect with other marketers and new “go-getters” to our industry to help grow my business and build important life-long relationships…Maybe they can help you!

Steps for understanding your “target” market:

1) Conduct market research – Find out what your target market is searching for online, think back to how you got to know the industry before entering and start there.

2) Hang out in MLM, Network Marketing and Home-business forums-Study what people are talking about. What conversations are getting tons of views and comments. Study what the established people in the forums are doing. Read how they answer certain questions. How do they market their business or opportunity? Check out their websites, get to know their layouts and content. Ask questions and analyze the way they give their answers. Do they provide links? If so, how do they do it…Is it in a signature form? Or do they go right for the kill and give you a link to their website or blog?

4) Go to YAHOO ANSWERS and search for MLM, Network Marketing, Home-business and Internet Marketing. Browse through the common questions. Read the answers other people are giving. What is their response? Do they pitch their business or provide a solution for the people asking the questions?

5) Google Trends-At any given time of the day you can find out what is being searched for all over the globe based of popularity. They will give you the top 20 most searched terms and or phrases searched every hour on the hour. Find your “niche” in the top 20 and you can bring tons of traffic to your site with well placed ads and SEO strategies. This will also help you understand what other people are typing in the search bars when looking for more information about your “niche”. Great way to get ahead of the game!

6) Pick your favorite top 3 people in the MLM industry and get to know as much as you can about them. Do they have a website? A blog? If they do, how is it laid out? What content do they have? Do they pitch their business or sell cheap informative products to help people with their marketing challenges? Study the common questions and or comments they receive and analyze how they answer them.

7) Go to google and search for blogs in your “niche”. Study their content and layouts, get to know their sites in and out and try to understand why their blog looks the way it does.

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Now that you saw my super secret ninja secret what did you think? Are you ready to be a black belt in the art? I have many ways that help get ahead of the game but these are just a few free and easy ways to conduct important market research to help you in your business success…..


Anton English has spent over a decade building wealth through traditional and non traditional channels. He started his JOB (journey of the broke) working as a power engineer but quickly learned there were better options in the home based business market. He joined and participated in building several network marketing companies, as well as building a successful Ebay business grossing over $35,000 in only 90 days! Using his strategic coaching techniques he helps others seeking success in MLM to achieve their dreams.

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