Guide to Quiting before you even start!

Many of the people I talk to every day are really good dreamers. They are so good in fact that they actually find ways to live in their dreams. This dream land is a magical place. its a place where every “great idea” you ever had is the best idea ever. Everything always works out and its as easy as imagining it and its done. You become rich beyond your wildest dreams. You find employees to do the work, and you sit on a beach somewhere while you collect MASSIVE paychecks.


At some point you may be tempted to actually come to real life and make your dreams come true.


I want to warn the dreamers. This takes a lot of hard work. Your dream land fantasy is not going to come to real life fruition as easy as you think. It never does! My advice to you….. DON’T DO IT!


Just stay in your dream land. Work your 9 – 5 every day while you imagine a better place in your head.


I have compiled a list of some ways to Quit before you start. This will be useful for those people that are feeling an urge to go and try to make their dreams come true.


1. Go home, turn on the TV and find something to watch that is mind numbing. I find Soap’s are always a great start. If you are home a bit later maybe try a sitcom or Family guy or something. It wont take long before the ambition fades and you are lulled back in to a life of complacency
2. Find a useless “job” that has to be done before the end of the day. If you are really good at this you may even consider making a list. That way you are ready for your next moment of need. My wife is a great example for me on this topic. She “Majors in Minor Things”. Here are some examples of things that are “Really Important” and should not be put off until later.
  • Update your Facebook Status, then read ALL of your friends Updates for the day. Be sure to comment on every one of them. If you cant think of anything to say just put “lol” at the bottom.
  • Re-Arrange your sock and underwear drawer, or the Garage. Being Organized is important for anyone wanting to make changes anyway. (This is actually true, but how many times can you re-arrange your underwear drawer)
  • Its Summer, get outside and TAN! You need to look good for your successful business anyway
  • Re-Install Windows 7 on your 6 month old computer. After all, it may have a virus or something. Facebook runs a lot faster on a fresh install

3. Call your friends or Family and let them know you are thinking about starting a home based business. Listen to absolutely EVERYTHING they tell you. Family are especially good at giving you all the “facts” about things that you just wouldn’t be considered to know anything about. For example, did you know that MLM is a Pyramid Scam!!!?? Yeah, I really need to thank my Brother in Law for letting me know all about “this one guy his friend knew that knew somebody that was in an MLM…..”. He really saved me from myself on that one. I owe a lot to him!

4. Do an Internet search on Google for the business you are thinking of doing. Make sure to add the word “scam” to your search. It is really important to do that so you can get all the REAL scoop on whatever it is you are thinking of starting. Make sure to ONLY do this step after you have completed step 2!

5. Think about how much work it will take to start your business. You have to come up with a name, make a website, sometimes more than one. You need to make business cards, figure out advertising. Make a facebook page or two, get versed on all the social media stuff. Then there is Customers to find, you need to learn the product, learn the comp plan, figure out how your back office works…….. WOW, I am getting tired just typing all the stuff you have to do. Imagine how much more work it will be to sit and DO it!!


If after all that you STILL want to go and try to make it happen please let me know. Maybe I can help somehow! I have all kinds of free trainings to make it as easy as possible. But in the end you STILL have to DO THE WORK!


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