4 amazing ways to get fans to your new page

Anyone who has created their own fan page will know that its kind of embarrassing to have only 1 or 2 fans. Trying to position yourself as a leader in your field is a hard image to project when you have only 20 or so fans. Like it or not you will be judged by how many fans you have.

So today I am going to show you a couple ways I have found to find fans quickly, and start building your reputation.

Top tip #1 – LIKE LADDERS

Some of you may all ready know about these. basically what you are doing is teaming up with other fan page owners. You are exchanging likes.  There are a few different names for a Like Ladder. That is just one. I made a special post with a video that explains how to use a like ladder that you can see here

Tip #2 – BEG

Thats right! you have friends on your personal profile all ready. As soon as you create your new fan page Facebook will remind you to invite your friends. So, most people will send out a mass invite (I have done it too) to your friends practically begging them to LIKE your page. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Just be warned, if you do this too often you wont have many friends left. Its ok to invite them once, but drop the issue after that.

TOP SECRET TIP #3 – LIKE this post by clicking the button below to see this tip. It is going to be the fastest most time saving way to get more fans than you can think of!

Tip #4 – Organic Leads

Ok, this is NOT going to be a fast way to get fans. The bottom line is this. You created the fan page for people that are actually interested in what your page is about. Those people will naturally find your page. You want to make sure you have engaging content, and always have updates coming in. Once you do that you will find people start trickling in one fan at a time.

I hope you liked the tips I shared. I know they will help you get started. Check back here later for tips on keeping your fans while bringing in new ones.


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Anton English

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