Facebook: Profile or Page – they both start with a “P”

I get questions all the time about the difference between a facebook page, and a profile. I know it can get confusing. And sometimes one is better than the other depending on what we want to use it for.  So, figuring out the differences is the best place to start if you want to make an informed decision.

so let’s get started.

On Facebook, Profiles are for People, and Pages are for Businesses. To fully engage and leverage Facebook’s features, you should first create a personal profile. You can balance business and personal contacts through your profile’s security  and privacy settings and by using Friends Lists which are a way of organizing your friends into relevant groups.

Facebook has built significant functionality specifically for businesses, and all of this functionality is only available for Pages.

  • A Page is similar to a Profile except that it is, by default, public, and users can Like and become a ‘fan’ of your Page without first requiring approval from the Page‟s administrators. Creating a Page is completely free but will require your time to build and maintain.
  • Pages allow you to designate multiple administrators so you can have more than one person help manage the account. In addition, if one of your administrators leaves the company, you can still have control over the Page.
  • Pages are, by default, public, and are starting to rank in Facebook and public search results.
  • Pages are split into different categories (local businesses, brands, musicians) that help you get listed in more relevant search results.

Personal profiles have friends, which require mutual acceptance, whereas anyone can become a fan of your Page without needing administrator approval.

So start with a personal profile and become familiar with that first. Collect your friends and then Create a page. Invite your friend to become Fans to start you off and then you are on your way!

Hopefully that helps a bit. I know its still hard to wade through all the changes, but start there and keep going forward.


Anton English has spent over a decade building wealth through traditional and non traditional channels. He started his JOB (journey of the broke) working as a power engineer but quickly learned there were better options in the home based business market. He joined and participated in building several network marketing companies, as well as building a successful Ebay business grossing over $35,000 in only 90 days! Using his strategic coaching techniques he helps others seeking success in MLM to achieve their dreams.

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  1. Great job distinguishing the difference between profiles and pages. i see a lot of local businesses setting up profiles instead of pages, and I’m willing to wager that their facebook marketing is not very successful as a result.

    Thanks for the post Anton.


    • Thank you for the comment Rasheed.

      I know it is something that I am still not committed one way or another to. There are benefits to going either way. Come back and check out my other posts any time you like.


  2. awesome blog to read…i enjoyed reading. keep posting.


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