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This is the place for interesting stories that my readers may also enjoy. I try to not abuse this area. There is a lot of other interesting stuff on the Net, why not share it with people?

Vaccinating your kids is like throwing them in the ocean with sharks!

Vaccinating your kids is like swimming with sharks

I don’t usually get sucked into debates about how people treat their children and the choices they make for them. But….. With the recent debates being stirred up about vaccinating or not vaccinating I cant keep quite any longer. There

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Why arent you Dead?

The Nurse kept calling me a Jedi Knight. I was just trying to stay warm

These are the words the Surgeon asked me as I lay on a hospital bed waiting for the test results to come back from the  CT scan I just had done. Let me back up a bit……. The 5 days

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My Brush With Death

Jesus Christ is Lord of This Valley in Drumheller

It was a regular day! Me, my Wife Kelly and her brother and Fiancee went to Drumheller to do some

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the $500 Car Challenge

$500 car challenge road trip

Some of the best road trips I have had over the years are when something goes wrong. Its not so fun in the moment, but afterwards it always makes for a great story. One road trip that was very memorable

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top 10 man rules!

did you say network marketing

I came across a funny email recently. I wanted to take a minute and get all my readers to share a little light hearted humor today AT LAST A GUY HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO WRITE THIS ALL DOWN

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From an SR71 Pilot

I got a really cool email the other day from a friend of mine. Rather than just forward it along to my email list I wanted to share it with my friends online too. Have a short read through this

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Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion in 5 cent coins!

As much as I love my Apple iPhone 4. and My wife seems to enjoy her iPad, I think this is genius on Samsung’s part. Looking at the S3 for my next phone upgrade, as much as I hate Android,

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SOPA Protest

One of the things that we hear all the time is how lobbyists controls the Washington DC…That we as citizens do not have enough power and money to force real change. Sadly, while this is true in many instances, one thing that has not

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End of the World

First of all Happy New Year! Reflecting on 2011 I find a few things that I will focus on improving for the coming year. No, there is no “work out more”, or “lose weight” goals in my future. I intend

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House for Rent in Airdrie: Application and Info

House for rent in Airdrie Alberta

Hello, Thank you for visiting my site. Most likely you are visiting this page because you have responded to an ad in the paper or online about a rental property we have to offer. I’m sure you have a number

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