Alex Morton Makes YOUNG Millionaires

Alex Morton Makes Young MIllionaires with Verve and Vemma

Alex Morton Makes Young MIllionaires with Verve and VemmaAre You looking for a “shortcut” to riches? Did your “education” on money, wealth, life, etc come from someone that is broke or barely getting by and struggling to make their own life work right now?

You may not know it but you are patterning your life after those influences!

If you continue to do what broke people do, do you expect to have more than them?


9 times out of 1o you will get exactly what they have, and become exactly what they are.

Let me tell you a secret. There is a company called Vemma that is helping people get healthy, and earn some extra money at the same time. Adults have been making it work for a few years now, and more recently kids are learning how to make $2000, $6000, even $10,000 – $30,000 per MONTH while they go to school! This is being dubbed the Young People Revolution.

This is real! and It is repeatable. Just like following a broke persons actions will make you broke. Following a successful persons actions has a much higher potential of making you successful. Don’t take my word for it though, Listen to Alex Morton tell you about it. He is NOT the first Millionaire to be made by Vemma. He just did what others his age did, and he got what they got. Last time I checked he was making around $30,000 Now up to $40,000 per month! And that is in less than 2 years in the business!

check it out!


Are you excited?? I know I get so amped up after listening to Alex talk. He is a pioneer for young college kids in the USA where it is taking off.

What about the markets that haven’t taken off yet? They will! Vemma is a multi-million dollar company and its growth is doubling all the time. It is a GREAT time to get in. We have the leadership and the products to help anyone be successful. This is not a fly by night business. it is here to stay! Help your friends make some money, and be healthy, and have energy and you will get the same thing!

Millionaire in 5 years or less?


 Young People Revolution with Verve


Still have questions? Lets get them answered and get you making some money! Fill in the form below to get more information.

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  1. I am not trying to say this is easy. It is hard, and it takes work. If you are willing to open your mouth and share the benefits of an all natural energy drink and make money doing it then let’s get together! I know the way, and have the tools to help you build this business faster than you can imagine.

    Energy drinks are huge right now. red Bull is NOT going to pay you to drink their product! Get paid, be Healthy and Help Others! How much better can this get??

    • Zeke at 10:47 am

      Don’t forget brand partners need to purchase product at a huge premium to pay the “advertising budget” although their purchases will be counted as revenue for the company. Seems mysterious why they don’t release the percentage of outside customers because 82% cannot be from partners or else it is officially a pyramid scheme. They should release paper work proving their innocence but most likely it’d show their guilt.

      • The thing I like about their model is that everyone pays the same price. I have been part of other network marketing companies and there is always pressure to cut your profits by selling it to your friends and family for closer to the price you paid. The company still gets their massive profit, they just sucker you into cutting yours.

        At least this way its fair to everyone. Nobody will get the product for less than you as a customer does. Just for transparency sake I can tell you that my personal business is 90% customers, and 10% brand partners. I may be an exception, but my purpose it to provide a place for people to get the products if thats what they want, or build a business if that’s what they want. There is never any pressure to be more than what you are willing to do. Of course we always offer support to local teams and can help build your business.

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